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MQTTBox : Intro and Installation

MQTTBox is useful tool for IoT Developers. MQTTBox enables you to create MQTT clients to publish or subscript topics, create MQTT virtual device networks, load test MQTT devices or brokers and much more. More information available on official Website.

Feature and uses of MQTTBox are given below:

MQTT clients

  • Create multiple concurrent MQTT clients connected to same or different MQTT brokers
  • TCP, SSL/TLS, Web Sockets and Secured Web Sockets support
  • Create MQTT clients with wide range of connection settings – Last will, keepAlive, connection timeout and much more (view all supported client settings)
  • Username/Password authentication
  • Option to connect, disconnect, reconnect MQTT client to brokers
  • Publish messages to multiple topics from same MQTT client
  • Subscribe to multiple topics from same MQTT client
  • Supports Single Level(+) and Multilevel(#) subscription to topics
  • Copy, republish payload with single click
  • View published and subscribed message history
  • Supports QoS 0,1,2

MQTT load

  • Load test MQTT infrastructure – MQTT devices, brokers, cloud and apps
  • Create multiple load testcases
  • Create load test with wide range of settings – number of messages to publish/subscribe per second, number of instances to span and much more(view all supported load settings)
  • Load test MQTT publishing to topics
  • Load test MQTT subscribing to topics
  • View progress in real time – connect, disconnect, publish, subscribe, received messages etc
  • View load test results on charts
  • View load test data sent or received
  • Calculate number of connection dropouts

How To Install on Linux

You can run MQTTBox apps on Linux in two ways.

  1. Installing through deb package
  2. Running from tar.gz file

Installing through deb package

  1. Uninstall previous version of MQTTBox package if exists. Run sudo dpkg --purge mqttbox from your command prompt. You need this step only if you have previous version of MQTTBox installed.
  2. Download MQTTBox deb package. click here for download
  1. Install deb package from the folder it was saved. Run sudo dpkg -i MQTTBox.deb to install.
  2. Thats it !!! MQTTBox should be installed in your system. Check your installed applications to open.

Running from tar.gz file

  • Download MQTTBox.tar.gz package. click here for download
  • Extract downloaded MQTTBox.tar.gz package. Run tar -xvzf MQTTBox.tar.gz
  • cd MQTTBox
  • Run ./MQTTBox
  • Thats it !!! MQTTBox should be running now.

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