Paytm SoundBox : Paytm will launch SIM-card enabled ‘Soundbox’

Paytm is soon to release a smart payment device called ‘Soundbox’, which will smoothen the e-payment procedure.

  • Paytm will launch a payment device for retailers to allow app-less transactions
  • The device will come with cellular connectivity through a SIM card and will have a speaker.
  • Called the SoundBox, the device will alert the retailer once the payment is complete.

Paytm Soundbox

While making transactions scanning the QR code, it isn’t believed to be completed unless the user vendor doesn’t get a confirmation message. In order to dilute this procedure of time lag and ease the payment experience, Paytm will launch a smart device, called ‘Soundbox’. It is like a speaker, with a SIM card slot attached, which will act as voice-activated POS (point-of-sale) machine for the retailer.

According to Digit and Trak, Paytm is looking to smoothen the payment process with a new smart device. Called the ‘Soundbox’, it’s a speaker with a SIM card slot attached that will act as a voice-activated POS (point-of-sale) machine for the retailer. The SoundBox will basically alert the retailer the payment is complete, instead of the retailer having to wait for an SMS on their smartphone. There could be more features to it, but as of now, it will only be used for accepting payments. A user will still have to scan the QR code on this device to make the payment. Essentially, with the box installed, retailers will not require another smartphone to accept Paytm transactions.


Digit : Exclusive: Paytm will launch SIM-card enabled ‘Soundbox’ to allow app-less transactions

Trak: Paytm Brings IoT Into Digital Payments With ‘SoundBox’ – A SIM Enabled Device For App-Less Transactions!

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