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Grand Seiko Watch: 3 Gems

Grand Seiko we associate with the more classic Seiko brand, known for its prolific craftsmanship and legacy of marrying beauty and functionality. To others, it might be a different story. But it’s only until you have seen and found the Grand Seiko classic models in person that you can truly appreciate what it has.

The timepieces in the flesh are more impressive. The Grand Seiko boutique in London is one of the ways that you can find out how well they look in person. In the flesh, the timepieces are pristine and are another level. All you need is to take a look at them yourself.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake, with reference number SBGA 211, was the bestselling watch in the brand. The model appeared in people’s heads when someone mentioned Grand Seiko. However, it’s no longer the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake that is linked so closely with Grand Seiko. Rather, SBGA 413 is now the Grand Seiko model champion in people’s hearts.

Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom

First, we have the Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom. Its pale pink dial can make it quite an odd watch to look at in person. April-May is Japan’s cherry blossom season – when the blossoms are full. How the blossoms fall into the water and create flower rafts has also inspired the Shunbun Spring Cherry Blossom. Under the light glare, the dial tends to change from pink to silver in real life. It is also hand-polished and stamped, thus playing with light in a mesmerizing way.

Its biggest strength, however, is its 9R65 Calibre. The 9R65 Calibre has the trademark Seiko Spring Drive technology, thus giving you the best of what mechanical and quartz watch worlds can offer.

The Spring Drive mechanism has a certain way of working. An electronic braking system regulates mechanical movement. Wirth Seiko, there is a tiny magnet that replaces the usual Swiss Lever. There are also wires and a quartz crystal. As a result, there is no tick. Instead, what you get from the watch is a dependable and diuturnal mechanism.

The Seiko watch original price can vary.

Heritage Spring Drive Power Reserve SBGA201

Case edges and bezel polished to reflected and mirrored perfection, the Heritage Spring Drive Power Reserve SBGA201 has 412mm of classic stainless steel Grand Seiko. The brand usually has intricate dials that match the seasons, but it tells a different story for the Heritage Spring Drive Power Reserve SBGA201. However, it is not uncommon for the brand to go for a simple, classic look. The watch options from Grand Seiko go for a simple and more muted look. There are also occasions where a simple look best suits the occasion.

Take note: this watch also uses the classic Spring Drive movement – it is unique to the Grand Seiko powertrain that combines the art of mechanical watchmaking with the accuracy of quartz.

Heritage Spring Drive Power Reserve Onbashira Limited Edition Ref. SBGA005

Lastly, we have the Heritage Spring Drive Power Reserve Onbashira Limited Edition SBGA005. This watch came out in 2004, in time for the Onbashira festival, which celebrates new pillars erected for local shrines—one of the activities for the festivities is riding a tree down the side of a mountain.

The dial of this watch is double-signed, aside from the Seiko logo. Pre-2017, this was the standard for watches. This was also applicable to Japanese exclusive watches.

Wrapping Up

All these three (3) watches are under the 600 USD mark. They are not affordable. However, they are worth it. They all feature a quality case, stunning dials, and incredible movements.

Image Source: Unsplash

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