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LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is one of the most versatile or multifaceted substances. It can be used for various purposes like powering vehicles or cooking gas in homes. It has many commercial uses as well. This gas is formed using a mix of petroleum products like ethylene, butane, and propane and is usually found in a gaseous state. LPG is stored in pressurized containers for most of these purposes, the gas cylinders found in our homes is an example. It is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases that are used as fuel in our kitchens.


LPG is used for several purposes, some of which are mentioned below:

1)    Cooking

2)    It is used as a fuel replacement for petrol and diesel

3)    Used in industries for cutting glass, confectionery industry, steel industry

4)    Used in portable heaters


LPG is the most favored fuel when it comes to cooking, let us know the reasons behind it:

1)    It is non- toxic when burned

2)    Easy to transport in pressurized containers (gas cylinders)

3)    Does not release soot (a deep black powdery substance made up of amorphous carbon ), making it ideal for cooking in enclosed spaces

4)    It does not have any harmful effects on the environment, making it a suitable cooking fuel source and the best alternative to traditional cooking fuels like coal and wood that cause a lot of pollution.


There are three major LPG cylinder providers in India; all of the following are state-run companies:

1)    INDANE GAS – it is one of the major gas connection, and if you are looking to get a gas connection for your house, one of the options you have is Indane.

  1. a)    It is available to everyone, and it also participates in various government schemes to provide subsidized gas connections to those who qualify the criteria.
  2. b)    Registration for setting up this connection in your home can be done online, and they also provide the facility to book cylinders and refills over the internet through their mobile applications.
  3. c)    The Indane gas connection is transferable, and hence, it can be transferred to a different location within your city or even outside it.

2)    BHARAT GAS CONNECTION – another company that provides gas connections to households in India.

  1. a)    It has provided the customers with an online portal that can be used to apply for new connections, and also it provides you with the facility of traditional offline methods.
  2. b)    Customers need to provide certain necessary documents that will determine if they are eligible for any subsidies or not.
  3. c)    This connection can be transferred from one part of the country to others and is available for everyone.
  4. d)    There are certain rules and procedures that need to be followed while transferring or setting up a new connection.

3)    HP GAS( run by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)

  1. a)    The connection of HP petroleum can be transferred and is accessible to everyone.

There are other small private LPG companies, such as total gas. You can choose a connection from these if you want to set up a new LPG connection.

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