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What is the process to apply for the death certificate?

When a person is deceased, the government issues a death certificate, where it is a document that states the fact, date and the reason of death and it is given to the kin of the expired person.It is compulsory according to the law to register an individual’s death where it should be done with the state government and it should be registered within 21 days of a person’s death.

The death certificate is required in order to regard the fact of legal death and also so that the expired person is relieved from any official, legal, or social obligations. The document is also used to proceed the property inheritance where through the document, the family of the deceased will be authorized towards insurance collection or performing actions stated in the will.

What are the documents required?

The birth certificate of the deceased is required and an affidavit which mentions the time and date of the death of the person. A copy of the ration card is also required. The individual who is applying for the certificate should provide the proof of relationship with the expired person along with the proof of nationality and also an address proof.

Where can one find the application form?

The registrar who is in charge of the Register of Deaths and the local body authority will have the application form for the death certificate.

The evidence of death is required, which can be either received from the civil official that certified it at the burial ground or crematorium or it can also be received at a hospital where the death took place,through a hospital letter.

What is the process to apply for the death certificate?

With the local authorities, the death is registered within 21 days since the person has expired and it is done by filling out the form which is given by the Registrar so that the Death Certificate application can be commenced.

After proper verification is done, the death certificate is issued.

How much is the registration fee?

If the death registration is completed within 21 days then it is of free of cost. But from 21 days to 30 days after the person has deceased, the certification will be done by the MOH (Medical Officer, Health) where a fine of Rs 25 will be collected.

For after 30 days to 1 year, the death certificate can be only provided by the Joint Director of Statistics, where it is with a fine of Rs 50 and also with an affidavit.

If the kin wants to obtain the death certificate after a year of the death of the person, then he/she can gain it only from the first class magistrate where it will be a lengthy process. For this process, the applicant will require cremation certificate, cause of death certificate and affidavit.

Can the death certificate be taken online?

This differs from state to state where some of the states have provided the amenity of uploading the documents electronically but still, there are a lot of states which require documents to be submitted physically.

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