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SPHCC employs IoT tech and wearable sensors to monitor COVID-19 patients

Nowadays IoT (Internet of things) is playing a major role in health care. Covid-19 is big challenge for whole world. We are fight with all our resources. I requested to everyone please strictly follow guideline of government. We can implement remote patient monitoring system using wireless medical wearables. It can very useful where there is a need to minimize patient contact. Here i am sharing a story of MobiHealthNews.

At the end of January, MobiHealthNews reported that Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (SPHCC), was using California-based connected health startup VivaLNK’s continuous temperature sensor to monitor COVID-19 patients, which reduces the risks of caregivers being exposed to the virus.

Now MobiHealthNews reported SPHCC recently announced that they are using Bluetooth IoT products and solutions provider Cassia Network’s gateways, together with VivaLNK’s medical wearable sensors to monitor COVID-19 patients.


VivaLNK’s body temperature sensors are applied directly to the patient to provide continuous, real-time monitoring of any changes in body temperature. Cassia’s gateways are being used to receive real-time patient data from the sensors and wirelessly transmit this data to a nurse’s station for continuous monitoring.

Cassia’s IoT Access Controller, a powerful network management tool is being used by medical staff to monitor patients and to provide a holistic view of their vitals in real-time. Cassia’s gateways allow up to 40 Bluetooth Low Energy devices to be paired and connected simultaneously while providing the long-range connectivity needed to cover multiple rooms in the SPHCC.

The SPHCC along with seven other hospitals throughout China are currently using Cassia’s gateways with additional deployments in other medical centers in the near future.

SPHCC has been applying advanced tech to help in the diagnosis and monitoring of COVID-19 patients. It has also worked with Yitu Healthcare, a Shanghai-based AI startup, to co-develop the AI-powered Intelligent Evaluation System of Chest CT for COVID-19, MobiHealthNews reported.


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