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3 Social Media Tips for Jewellers

Jewellers just like any other business can use social media to promote their products and services, but they need to stay ahead of the game in the craze of marketing. It’s a unique industry that takes precious time and patience to create something beautiful, and this needs to be shown.

Social media can reach thousands of people globally with the right techniques in place. Jewellers specifically have something to offer that most other businesses don’t, and here are three tips all jewellers should follow.

Record and Vlog

Jewellery is often handcrafted, which is why some pieces are quite expensive. No machines are moulding those diamonds and sapphires, there are hands at work throughout the whole process. There are a lot of videos nowadays about how things are made because people are interested in learning various processes.

Jewellery businesses should consider recording the entire process from sourcing the materials, defining the shape, and putting in the stones. Upload these to the social media page to show your audience what goes into making one of those pieces. They will appreciate the hard work much more, and it’s extremely interesting to watch something be turned from a lump into a shiny, valuable piece of art.

Find Your Niche

Niche is all about offering something special that you won’t find anywhere else. Defining the brand once you have a niche can be the best thing because it makes the business stand out. You can do this by going through every process of jewellery-making and identify if you do something that most other people don’t.

Perhaps you specialise in custom-made jewellery so no two pieces are the same? This is a highly beneficial selling technique because everyone wants something that only they have. It makes the piece much more special. Another great idea is to use recycled materials to handcraft unique items, similar to what Page Sargisson does.

Link to Customers Visually

The best advertising is for other people to see happy customers who have bought your jewellery before. Don’t be afraid to get personal because after all, the work is very involved and personal to you. Engage with other audiences by asking customers to take pictures of themselves wearing your piece and share it with their friends.

Create multiple albums on your social media accounts and get as many pictures as you can. If you offer custom-made designs, show what the customer originally wanted and how their idea came to life with increased content. Upload as much as possible and create a hashtag that is specific to your brand so other people will start to learn about your skills.

Social media is the only way to engage with the world in modern-day society, and jewellers aren’t just any business. They create relationships with their customers and rely on quality and beauty to survive financially. Social media marketing requires consistency and exciting content that is shared daily to be truly effective, and all jewellers can take advantage of the skills they possess to create something attractive.

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