How Can Video Email Marketing Help You Generate More Leads?

Video Email Marketing

Put yourself in the customer’s place and answer the following question- Do you love watching videos with good content? The vote will be for yes, and this is quite a standard answer. Video contents are pretty popular among almost every individual. With advanced digital marketing, video marketing has surpassed all other marketing trends. It has been seen that video marketing has successfully grabbed more leads than the different trends. Attractive and exciting videos can influence a vast number of tips. It was a time when the advertisement was telecasted on television for brand awareness. But those days are bygones now. In the 21st century, people are more attracted to online platforms which are used for brand awareness.

As a business owner today, it is crucial to opt for digital marketing for brand awareness. There is a high possibility that you are already quite familiar with the trends of digital marketing. With every passing financial year, irrespective of size, companies are absorbing various strategies to generate more leads for the enhancement of the business. Believe it or not, around 87% of business owners have chosen video marketing as their primary marketing tool. Among all other trends, email marketing is quite reliable and trustworthy, serving the companies in the best way to generate more leads. In the latest market trend, Video Email Marketing is influencing the market a lot. Being the favourite marketing trend, video and email marketing make up a great team that generates more business leads.

Here you will explore how Video Email Marketing can generate more leads for the business. Let’s have a look.

What is video email marketing?

Before discussing how video email marketing can help lead generations, you have to know the core.

You are partially wrong if you think that video email marketing means your email receiver will play the video. Moreover, marketers hyperlink the video thumbnail within an email; if a person clicks on the link, they will land on the page where the video lives. The best thing that happens is while exploring through the mail, and you might have noticed a video thumbnail with a play button. Generally, the image is a fake one linked with the landing page to be signed up for watching the content. This way, data is shared, the people become aware of the brand, and a lead is generated.

Now that you know what video email marketing is! Let’s start exploring the factors that clarify the reason why video in email marketing is so compelling.

How does video email marketing help lead generations?

An email is an essential tool for a working person. Do you know that an average person receives around 121 emails? What can be a better way to engage people into the brand by incorporating video in the emails? You might ask how effective it can be for video email marketing? The answer is entirely valid, and most people have the same question.

We can understand the answer in a better way with the help of statistics. Here are the following statistics on how effective video email marketing is in generating leads.

  • When the video is used in email, a 300% increase has been noticed in email-click rates compared to the standard social or promotional email without video.
  • When the marketers have included the word “Video” in their subject line, around 19% of the increase has been marked in the open rates.
  • Video email marketing has reduced the un-subscription rate by 75%.

According to the statistics mentioned above, you can completely understand how Video Email Marketing can be effective in real-time. Now let’s look at how you can benefit from video email marketing.

  • Increases the open email rates

 As you have already come across the stats, you can relate that only the term “Video” in the email can enhance the available rates by 13% to 19%. And the reasons behind these solid numbers are the curiosity of the people. While conveying a message through email and conjugating the term video in the subject line increases the reader’s interest and makes them open the email.

  • Increases authenticity and trust 

Both the terms trust and authenticity play an essential role in gaining loyal customers. And when you add a video to the email, it becomes an intelligent way to build trust in the customer’s mind. Moreover, the audience can also connect with you. To make an exciting video for video email marketing and connect with the targeted audience, Online Video Editor like Invideo can help you a lot.

When you add a video with the email, a face of the brand is added, and the customer feels that they are directly dealing with the customer.

  • Increases the social media share and enhances the SEO. 

While dealing with digital marketing, you must have comprehended the importance of SEO and social media. When addressing lead generation, we cannot ignore that Social Media Platform is a pool full of fish. You have to know the proper technique so that you can fish lots of leads for your business. The email marketing video helps you to rank high in the search engine rankings.

Most people love to share the video on social media that they like. When your product’s image is shared on social media, it increases engagement in social media, increasing the rank of your brand on social media. To make the video viral, you have to make the video to attract the audience’ eye. And this can be done with the help of a video editor like Invideo.

  • Time-saving is an essential factor. 

People prefer watching a video instead of reading a long article, as it saves time. The benefit of including video in email is that a small and quick video with a brief subject grabs more attention than a long email. Moreover, people easily comprehend complicated issues. When using Invideo to make the video, you can easily make the video more engaging and exciting.

If people like it, it may go viral and increase the number of leads.

  • Don’t allow the effort to be worthless. 

Spending precious time and building an email campaign is a strenuous job. And if the audience doesn’t open or read it, all the effort you have invested will get drained. Your email campaign will lie in the trash at the end of the day. But at the same time, if you use video email marketing with exciting, engaging, and good content, it will grab the audience’s attention. And once they like it, they will put your email campaign in the trash. This way, you can give a strong impression about your product or services, automatically enhancing your lead.

Wrapping up!

Digital Marketing is a great way to enhance business and brand awareness. Customers are the central pillar of a business. To increase business, you will need a solid background of the lead. We can convert leads into potential customers. Hence generating information is essential. Just like another strategy, video email marketing can effectively help you to generate more leads. You have already come across the numbers and theory that depicts how Video Email Marketing helps generate leads.

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