LiteOS – an IoT operating system and middleware


Huawei LiteOS is an IoT-oriented software platform integrating an IoT operating system and middleware. It is an open source operating system for IoT smart terminals. It supports ARM (M0/3/4/7, A7/17/53, ARM9/11), X86,RISC-V, Microcontrollers of different architectures, follow the BSD 3. It is lightweight, with a kernel size of under 10 KB, and consumes very little power — it can run on an AA battery for up to five years! It also allows for fast startup and connectivity and is very secure. These capabilities make Huawei LiteOS a simple yet powerful one-stop software platform for developers, lowering barriers to entry for development and shortening time to market. It has launched a number of open source development kits and industry solutions.

Huawei LiteOS enabling IoT terminals to quickly access the network. It will make intelligent hardware development easier. Thereby accelerating the realization of the interconnection of all things. It provides a unified open-source API that can be used in IoT domains as diverse as smart homes, wearables, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and intelligent manufacturing. It enables an open IoT ecosystem, helping partners to quickly develop IoT products and accelerate IoT development.

What is LiteOS?


  • Lightweight Kernels: Smaller Kernel Size, Lower Power Consumption, and Faster Response
  • Sensor Frameworks: Lower Delay, Higher Precision, and Intelligent sensing
  • Connectivity Engine: More Protocols, Wider Connectivity, Intelligent Connection (Support NB-IoT, Wifi, Ethernet, BLE, Zigbee and other different IoT protocols)
  • Operating Engine: Lighter Frameworks, Better Performance, and Intelligent Applications
  • Optimizes performance and reduces power consumption by coordinating JS frameworks, JS VMs, and OS
  • Small-sized ROM with low memory usage;
  • Provides independent user space and application separation to ensure application security

LiteOS source code

Visit GitHub

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