Zerynth : Middleware for IoT

Zerynth : Middleware for IoT

What is Zerynth?

Zerynth provides developers with an ecosystem of software tools to program microcontrollers in Python and connect them to the Cloud. It reaches beyond embedded engineers to also offer desktop applications developers, product designers, web developer, and IoT system integrators a complete set of high-quality development tools to program microcontrollers and develop IoT solutions using Python. With Zerynth you can program in Python or hybrid C/Python language the most popular 32-bit microcontrollers, and connect them to the top Cloud infrastructures. It opens IoT and embedded development to the huge community of Python programmers.


  • Python and C blended together for efficient development
  • It requires just 60k-80kB of Flash and 3-5kB of RAM
  • Integrates the RTOS of your choice with multithreading support
  • Integration with top Cloud services and Firmware Over-The-Air updates

How It Works?

  • Download ZerynthStudio and create a ZerynthAccount to receive free licenses of the ZerynthVirtual Machine.
  • Then install the ZerynthVM on one of the supported microcontrollers and start to program it in Python or hybrid C/Python.
  • It allows rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and industrial protocols, thanks to an extensive collection of libraries.
  • You can also easily connect your board to one of the supported Cloud Services and view your data via a 3rd party IoT Dashboard or via Zerynth App



It is your gateway to the ZerynthEcosystem. It is a free, cross-platform, powerful IDE and a Toolchain for developing Python or hybrid C/Python applications and managing boards.
It includes a compiler, debugger, and an advanced code editor, alongside tutorials and example projects for an easy learning experience.

Zerynth Virtual Machine

The core of ZerynthSystem is the ZerynthVirtual Machine, a multithreaded Real-Time OS that provides real hardware independence, allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers, in just 60-80kB of Flash and 3-5kB of RAM.
It has been developed from scratch with the goal of bringing Python to the embedded world with support for multi-thread and cross board compatibility. It supports most high-level features of Python like modules, classes, multi-threading, callback, timers and exceptions. In addition to these, it allows to use custom hardware-related features like interrupts, PWM and digital I/O.

Zerynth App

It is a free mobile app to monitor and control Zerynth-powered devices through fully customizable HTML/JS Graphical User Interfaces.

Connectivity between microcontrollers and Cloud services

An Advanced Device Manager to simplify device provisioning, Firmware Over-The-Air updates, and Remote Procedure Calls.

  • Z erynth simplifies connectivity between microcontrollers and Cloud services
  • ZerynthADM (Advanced Device Manager) is a microservice that can be installed on various Cloud infrastructures, like Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Amazon Web Services IoT, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud IoT and others.
  • ZerynthADM adds high-level functionalities to connected devices like: simpler Firmware Over The Air updates (FOTA)
  • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
  • Per device custom graphical interfaces, via the ZerynthApp




Supported Devices


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