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Grand Theft Auto or GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in gaming history. The game was first introduced in 2013 by Rockstar Games. At that time, mobile phones were not that much popular. So, GTA 5 was mainly developed for PC users, and there is no official mobile version available for this game till now. But in this smartphone era, you might want to play this epic game on your phone too. And that’s why in this article, we will tell you the way to download GTA 5 highly compressed for android.

About GTA 5 Apk

You might already be familiar with this top-rated game and its features. So, let’s not go into the details now. In short, GTA 5 is an action and crime genre game. The main protagonist is a villain here. With a powerful storyline, you can experience the bad guy lifestyle throughout the whole game.

Mobile games indeed have no match with the PC games, let alone the PlayStation and Xbox. However, it’s true that the GTA 5 android version will give you more thrill than any other mobile action game. The fascinating graphics and the excellent control panel hopefully won’t let you down. Moreover, the high-quality sound effect and background music will surely increase your excitement all the time. You can enjoy all these things along with the super adventurous missions. And the storyline, the game features are the same as the original version. Moreover, you can apply cheat codes here too.

GTA5 Andriod

GTA 5 Apk Download for Android Mobile

As GTA 5 is a PC game, you can’t play the official version on your android phone directly. But don’t worry. Several third-party developers come forward to make this impossible task possible. They make a highly compressed GTA 5 Apk file for android. But you have to download the GTA 5 game file from a third-party website. However, keep in mind that not all websites provide effective links. In fact, some of them are cloned or even spreading spam. Thereby, you have to get the Apk file from a trusted website.

Now let’s see the minimum requirements you need to download the Apk file on your android phone.

Minimum Requirements

First of all, don’t forget that the original GTA 5 file is large. So, naturally, the mobile version is not that different. You need a good performance phone to play smoothly. Check out the following segment to know the minimum requirements. However, you can play the game more fluently if you have a better specification.

Minimum Android version requirements: Android 4


Free Space: 2 GB

Processor: Quad-core processor with minimum 1.5 GHz clock speed

GPU: Adreno GPU (any version)

The Installation Process of GTA 5

The installation process of GTA 5 is a little bit complicated. You need both Apk and OBB files to install the game. After downloading them, first, install the Apk file from your file folder. Next, copy-pastes the OBB file into your internal storage in the Android/OBB folder. And then you are ready to go!

You can visit here to get the download link as well as the complete installation procedure. The article will also tell you the detailed features of GTA 5. Further, if you want to know the gaming rules, you can find them there too.

Ending Words

So, that’s all about downloading GTA 5 highly compressed for android. If you are a huge fan of extensive mobile games, then try out this popular action-adventure game now! On the other hand, if you are a PC gamer and a great admirer of Grand Theft Auto, taste the mobile version for diversity. Hopefully, it will not disappoint you.

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