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MQTT Broker on Android | How To Run MQTT Broker in Android

In this Tutorial we Run MQTT Broker a Android Smartphone. We will use Termux android app for this tutorial. If you Don;t know about Termux, Don’t Worry, I have a post related Termux Android app. Visit this : Termux- A Linux environment android app

If You are interested to run MQTT Broker on a ESP8266, Visit This: ESP8266 as a MQTT Broker | How To Make ESP8266 as a MQTT Broker

MQTT Broker on Android | Install Mosquitto on Android

Step 1 – Install Termux and Termux :API Android app

Using the Termux app in the app store makes it easy to run MQTT Broker on Android devices. You can get it from the Play Store. Install it, and run it.

Watch Videos for insatllation:

Step 2 – Install Mosquitto MQTT Broker

After Installation, Run Termux app. Then at the prompt type

pkg install mosquitto

Step 3 – Start Mosquitto Mqtt Broker

Prompt type


Step 4 – Find IP address

Prompt type


ip address

Use this IP address as MQTT broker address.

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