Thursday, September 28, 2023
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MQTT Products (that use MQTT)

On the discussion threads we talk about many products that use MQTT. Many of them don’t publicly declare it. Others are programmable so are oblivious to MQTT being run on them.

Here are some companies / devices we know about:

  • Consert – Toshiba Consert smart grid solutions
  • Libelium>Meshlium – Libelium, specifically Meshlium uses MQTT natively to communicate from the field.
  • Eurotech – SCADA, monitoring, controllers, etc
  • Cell Labs – Automated Meter Reading
  • Cirrus Link – Arlen Nipper’s company (helped to produce ODB2 GSM/GPS/MQTT dongles for Mobile Devices)
  • Shaspa – Shaspa home automation
  • Choral – Choral GPS/GSM tracking module (check which models have MQTT)
  • Elecsys – Elecsys Industrial Communications Gateway and Remote Monitors
  • Flukso – Fluksometer, an electricity metering device with native MQTT support
  • ReMake – ReMake Electric electricity metering systems publish all readings to the on-device MQTT broker.
  • Owasys – The owa11 model is an IP67 asset tracking and telemetry unit reporting location, events and IO information using MQTT

Terms and acronyms

  • RSMB – Really Small Message Broker from IBM, now part of the Eclipse Mosquitto project
  • LWT – Last Will and Testament
  • M2M – Machine-to-Machine
  • M2M IWG – Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group at Eclipse
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Paho – Eclipse Paho messaging project
  • Broker – a broker is a server that routes published messages to subscribers
  • bridge – a connection between two MQTT brokers


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