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Connecting to VerneMQ Tutorial

Here You find some way, Connecting to VerneMQ. VerneMQ is most popular MQTT broker. What is VerneMQ ? VerneMQ is an enterprise ready, high-performance, distributed MQTT message broker. It scales horizontally and vertically on commodity hardware to support a high number of concurrent publishers and consumers while maintaining low and predictable latency and fault tolerance. […]

MQTT v5.0 now an official OASIS standard

OASIS has now published the official MQTT v5.0 standard – a huge leap forward in refinement and capability for the messaging protocol that already powers the Internet of Things (IoT). Based on the earlier v3.1.1 standard, it has significant updates whilst minimising incompatibilities with existing versions. The highlights of the new version include: Better Error […]

Using URIs to connect to a MQTT server

URIs are useful to provide serval pieces of information in a single compact string. They can be used to convey all the information required to connect to a MQTT server. The format is like this: mqtt[s]://[username][:password]@host.domain[:port] A typical use for this is to provide the details of a MQTT server in an environment variable. The […]

MQTT Broker on Android | How To Run MQTT Broker in Android

In this Tutorial we Run MQTT Broker a Android Smartphone. We will use Termux android app for this tutorial. If you Don;t know about Termux, Don’t Worry, I have a post related Termux Android app. Visit this : Termux- A Linux environment android app If You are interested to run MQTT Broker on a ESP8266, […]

How to Install Mosquitto Broker on Raspberry Pi

In this post you’re going to How to Install Mosquitto Broker on Raspberry Pi. What is a MQTT broker? MQTT Broker is a central server or middle-ware which act as an interface between publisher & subscriber and used to collect the data from the publisher device and send it to the subscribers device. A device […]

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