DiGiBOXX: Niti Aayog launches India’s own cloud storage platform

Niti Aayog (Indian Government’s policy think tank) recently launched India’s own cloud storage and data management platform-DiGiBOXX. The service aims to offer both individuals and Enterprises in India with a homegrown, Aatmanirbhar cloud storage and file sharing and collaboration platform. All the data stored on the platform will be stored in India, Make in India and Store in India Policy.

What is Digiboxx ?

DigiBoxxTM is India’s first homegrown Digital Asset Management Platform, on which you can easily store and collaborate with you digital assets, like raw files, photographs, sensitive collateral, etc. It’s available on desktop, mobile and tablet.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is software that allows enterprises to store, organise, access, and distribute digital content, including documents, images, videos, audio files, and other rich media. A key differentiator between Digital Asset Management (DAM) and other file storage options is the ability to add and associate various kinds of metadata to provide contextual information about the digital content to make retrieval, analysis, and use of the content more effective across mediums and formats.

The DigiBoxx cloud storage service will be initially available on web platforms and Android. The service will soon be launched for iOS app as well. Digiboxx service is available on its website, but a desktop app is still in the works and is expected to go live soon.

Storage Plans

Digiboxx is providing services in affordable rates for individuals as well as business owners. It includes:

1. One free tier with 20GB storage.
2. A second tier with 5TB space at Rs 30 per month for individuals and freelancers.
3. One tier for small and medium businesses comprising up to 50TB storage at Rs 999 per month.
4. A customised final tier for enterprises with unlimited data storage with varied pricing.

digiboxx price

DigiBoxx Cloud Storage: Key Features

  • SSL file encryption along with features includeing integration with Gmail and real-time multi-user file collaboration.
  • The DigiBoxx free tier will allow multiple external collaborators, which means that users without DigiBoxx accounts may also get access to the files shared with them through the platform.
  • Allow your team to make advanced searches in the blink of an eye so they can find critical content and get to work instantly.
  • DigiBoxxTM supports images, video, audio, documents, presentations and much more in whatever format and size you choose.
  • Partition assets into sections, create labels, keep important assets at the top and use filters.
  • Keep one or maximum two administrators to approve assets before you make them available to the world.
  • Collaboration becomes easier when your DigiBoxxTM looks like a part of your brand universe. Incorporate it into your brand website/page.
  • Know what jobs have been assigned to whom, which ones are completed and which are overdue with easy-to-follow workflows.
  • Get 100% control over every activity from your admin console. And also track assets and analyse their performance.
  • Add watermarks to confidential files or choose from several permission options so only the right people see the right asset.
  • Do bulk editing, detect duplicate versions of files and create different versions of the same file to track edits.
  • Get notified on your mobile or laptop when you set alerts for recently added files, asset updates and much more.

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