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MindSphere ? | What is MindSphere

What is MindSphere ?

Siemens has developed an open cloud platform IoT operating system called “ MindSphere”. It connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of your data with advanced analytics. In addition, it gives you access to a growing number of apps and a dynamic development ecosystem. MindSphere works with all popular web browsers.

Data is most important resource of every companies, a central and edge of the internet of things. We continuously use lots of data to form the knowledge, capturing and analyzing the data. Collecting this data is challenging. To mitigate this challenge MindSphere brought cloud-based open IoT systems.

Companies every time unlock their potential data assets and put them for profitable use. It rapidly connects the existing assets and systems from the various manufacturers together data from among the data searches. By analyzing the data it transforms into valuable knowledge for the partners and other manufacturers. Knowledge increases productivity, availability, and quality. It resolves the problem before it arises, accelerated processes and opens up a new level of flexibility. It makes the company better with simplified decision making. 

An Operating System – Software As A Service (SaaS) for Users

  • Connect assets and upload data to the cloud
  • Collect, monitor, and analyze data in real time
  • Gain insights that improve efficiency and profitability
  • Add apps that increase the business value of your data

An Ecosystem for Developers and Makers

  • Open environment for development and operations
  • Ready-to-use APIs and services
  • Smooth interfacing with AWS, Azure & Alibaba infrastructures
  • Thriving community of developers and corporate partners


  • MindSphere allows business to focus on their core competencies leaving the difficulties and challenges of creating, substantiating, operating and maintaining infrastructure and required  application development to MindSphere and its ecosystem resulting in faster realization of business objectives
  • MindSphere accelerates the digital transformation journey by providing ready-to-use platform services for faster solutioning that deliver measurable outcomes and enables new sources of revenue through XaaS as well as improves operating margins e.g. OEE
  • MindSphere reduces the complexity of solution realization and continuous operation support by providing an optimized platform of rich aggregated services
  • MindSphere provides ready-to-use industry-aware platform services and applications including secure data ingestion, storage and modeling, advanced analytics systems, and industry intelligent visualization
  • MindSphere provides a comprehensive set of services and enablement tools to develop & deliver end-to-end solutions realizes an ever-growing application and service ecosystem

Visit official link for more information

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