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Shared Projects on PCBWay: Exploring the PCBWay Community


Welcome to the world of shared projects on PCBWay Community! In this blog post, we will explore the exciting features and benefits of sharing your projects on the PCBWay website’s Community platform. PCBWay Community is a platform where electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals can showcase their projects, collaborate with others, and gain valuable feedback. By sharing your projects on PCBWay community, you will get 10% commission of each order when others place their orders through these files. The commission will be put into your PCBWay account, you can choose to withdraw it or not. By browsing through the shared projects on PCBWay Community, you can discover innovative ideas, learn new techniques, and find inspiration for your own projects. It’s a great way to stay updated with the latest trends in the electronics industry and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Furthermore, sharing your projects on PCBWay Community can also help you gain recognition and exposure. With a large and active user base, your projects have the potential to reach a wider audience, attracting attention from potential collaborators, employers, or customers.

What is the PCBWay+ Community?

The PCBWay Community is an online platform that brings together electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals from around the world. It is a vibrant community where members can share their projects, collaborate, and learn from each other. PCBWay believe in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration. That’s why they created the PCBWay Community to provide a space for our users to connect and engage with like-minded individuals who share their passion for electronics.

On PCBWay Community is the shared projects section. Here, users can showcase their completed projects and share detailed documentation, including schematics, PCB layouts, and code. This allows others to learn from their work, replicate the projects, or even build upon them. Members of the PCBWay Community can also interact with each other through comments and discussions on shared projects. This fosters a sense of community and encourages knowledge exchange, helping everyone to grow and improve their skills.

PCBWay Community
PCBWay Community

Additionally, the PCBWay Community offers various resources and tools to support project development. Users can access tutorials, guides, and articles on electronics design and manufacturing. They can also take advantage of PCBWay’s professional services, such as PCB fabrication and assembly, to bring their projects to life. Joining the PCBWay Community is easy. Now, we will see how we use the PCBWay+ community.

How to use the PCBWay+ Community?

Joining the PCBWay Community is easy.

Create an Account –  The first step to accessing the PCBWay Community is to create an account. “Simply Click Here“. You will be redirected to the PCBWay Community signup process. If you already have an account, simply click on the “Login now” button. If not, then continue with the process. Fill in the required information and confirm your email address to complete registration.

Login in PCBWay Community
Login in PCBWay Community
Create a Project on PCBWay
Create a Project on PCBWay

Now, if you have a PCB or assembly project, continue with the default option. If you have a 3D printing project, select ‘CNC| 3D Printing Projects’. After selecting it, provide the information about your project, such as title, category, and upload your Gerber file or fill in all the mandatory information. Also, provide a brief description of your project, then submit it.

Send Project to PCBWay
Send Project to PCBWay

Explore Shared Projects

PCBWay Project Categories
PCBWay Project Categories

Once you have registered and logged in, you can start exploring the shared projects in the PCBWay Community by simply clicking on the project section. Browse through the various categories or use the search function to find projects that interest you. Click on ‘View All Categories’ to see all the projects. Click on a project to view its details, including schematics, PCB layouts, and user comments. Different categories of projects are available, such as Arduino, 3D Printing, Automotive, breakout projects, and more.

Why join the PCBWay+ Community?

By joining the PCBWay+ Community you gain access to a vast network of professionals and hobbyists who are open to collaborating on projects. As a member of the PCBWay Community, you have the opportunity to showcase your projects to a wider audience. By sharing your designs, you can gain recognition, receive feedback, and inspire others. The community is a great platform to promote your skills and build your reputation in the PCB design industry. By joining the PCBWay Community, you gain access to exclusive resources such as tutorials, design files, and industry insights. These resources can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in PCB design, ensuring that you are always at the forefront of the industry.

Joining the PCBWay Community is a great way to connect with fellow enthusiasts, gain knowledge, collaborate on projects, and showcase your work. So, what are you waiting for? Join the community today and take your PCB design journey to the next level.

How can the community benefit you?

Being part of a community can bring numerous benefits to individuals, and the PCBWay community is no exception. Currently PCBWay offers two types of Sponsorship :

  • Non- Profit Project Sponsorship
  • Crowdfunding Project Sponsorship
PCBWay Project Sponsorship
PCBWay Project Sponsorship

Features of Crowdfunding Project Sponsorship – PCBWay has sponsored over 800 students and enthusiasts worldwide. Now, they’re expanding their support. In 2018, PCBWay offered $50,000 for crowdfunding projects and gave away monthly cash coupons. Share your PCB-related crowdfunding project at sponsor@pcbway.com for review. Approved projects receive cash or discount vouchers for PCB prototyping or production. Don’t miss out on bringing your ideas to life with PCBWay’s support.

Features of Non-Profit Project Sponsorship: PCBWay.com offers a sponsorship program for non-profit projects, providing invaluable support to students and engineers. Through this sponsorship, participants can access a range of benefits, including engineering project sponsorship, competition PCB sponsorship, discounted PCB assembly services, and exclusive discounts on future orders. PCBWay aims to encourage innovation and collaboration within the community by providing individuals with the resources they need to complete their projects. Whether it’s supporting classroom projects or aiding participation in student competitions, PCBWay is committed to supporting talent and advancing progress in electronics.


In conclusion, PCBWay’s Shared Projects feature and community offer opportunities for electronics enthusiasts and professionals. By providing a platform for collaboration, learning, and showcasing projects, PCBWay has created a valuable resource for the PCB design and manufacturing community. Users can access a vast collection of open-source PCB designs, saving time and effort in their own projects. PCBWay’s Shared Projects feature and community offer opportunities for electronics enthusiasts and professionals. Additionally, PCBWay offers tutorials, design services, and manufacturing options to support every stage of the PCB development process. PCBWay’s Shared Projects and community provide an invaluable platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration. Join the community today to unlock the potential of your electronics projects with PCBWay.

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