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Tudor Black Bay 58 Vs. Rolex Submariner: The Verdict

Watch enthusiasm is quite mainstream. However, it can be a bad thing. In watch circles, some have developed what others call a “hive mind.” Unfortunately, this “hive mind” has affected the watch industry. And it’s also why Rolex steel sports watches have become relatively unattainable. In addition, it has also become the reason why the pricing on the secondary market has become quite self-assertive.

Although there is a demand, the demand falls on a certain string of watches. Although the Rolex Submariner is quite popular, those who cannot afford it stick to something similar but not entirely the same thing. Rather, they opt for more affordable alternatives. In this case, they have set their sights on a certain Black Bay.

Between the Black Bay and the Rolex Submariner, which holds up better?

Tudor Black Bay 58

Tudor was founded by the same person who established Rolex. As a result, in many people’s minds, Tudor has become the younger sister to Rolex. The goal behind the founding of Tudor was to offer watches of the same quality as Rolex – but they were more affordable.

Wildorf, the founder of Rolex and Tudor, soon made this possible. He achieved his goal by producing Tudor watches with Rolex parts. There was a twist to it, though: he fit them with off-the-shelf movements.

Overall, Black Bay is considered a “Heritage” watch model. What does this mean? It means that it was designed to resemble Tudor vintage watches deliberately.

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The Pros

Some of the perks of the Tudor Black Bay 58 include the following:

  • Image. Tudor, as a brand, carries value for watch collectors. Tudor has long been associated with style, quality, and affordability because of its price range and various watch offerings.
  • Affordability. Tudor was always designed to be Rolex’s more affordable but quality younger sibling. The Tudor Black Bay 58 is way more affordable than the Rolex Submariner. That means more savings for you. In addition, you can also easily access it at the nearest Tudor outlet by you.
  • Quality. Do not let the price tag fool you. Although the Tudor Black Bay may be affordable, it does not skimp on quality. The Tudor Black Bay has an in-house movement, likely backed by Rolex’s expertise in its development. At its price point, no other watch model can surpass the Tudor Black Bay’s level of quality.

The Cons

The con/s of the Tudor Black Bay include the following:

  • Poor secondhand value. Although it is great that the Tudor Black Bay hits the mark at its price point, it may not age well if you intend to sell the watch following a certain amount of time. In the secondhand market, the value of the watch model decreases.

Rolex Submariner

Nothing is as iconic as a Rolex watch. The Submariner is one of the best, the cream of the top among Rolex’s collections. With versatile designs and iconic names under its belt, Rolex remains one of the top watch brands in the world.

The Pros

The pros of the Rolex Submariner are the following:

  • More modern design. Compared to the Tudor Black Bay, the Rolex Submariner has a more modern design. The Rolex Submariner is not a heritage model. Rather, it is a watch model built with updated technology and materials.
  • Timeless design. The biggest draw for a watch lover to get the Rolex Submariner is its classic but modern design, one of Rolex’s strengths. The Rolex Submariner’s vintage bracelet and clasp do not quite match the perfection of newer models.
  • Comfort and haptics. The Rolex Submariner has its Glidelock clasp, allowing the wearer to adjust by few-several centimeters of its length easily. It means easier usage. Whenever you use the Glidelock, a satisfying “click” accompanies it. It is easy to use, comfortable to use, and performs well. You get exactly what you have paid for.
  • Quality. The Rolex Submariner has been a classic for its quality. It is not just its design but also the quality you get. The Rolex Submariner’s finish is slightly nicer than the Black Bay. You do not get rattling, shaking, or the like—the Rolex Submariner results from years of research, care, detail, and innovation. In addition, it is also a testament to the brand value of Rolex.

The Cons

Some things you may want to take into consideration are:

  • Image. Rolex watch wearers are not associated with the image of someone who knows and cares about watches.
  • Hefty price tag. Objectively speaking, the Rolex Submariner costs twice the Tudor Black Bay. In the secondhand market, though, the inverse may ring true. Secondhand Rolex Submariner models and their value increase throughout the years. Meanwhile, as a secondhand unit, the Tudor Black Bay 58 tends to decrease in value over time.

Wrapping Up

Objectively, both watches are great for their price, quality, and performance. However, it boils down to your budget. If you want something you can pay for easily, the Tudor Black Bay may be for you.

Image Source: Unsplash

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