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Why is it time to Invest in Cloud Video Surveillance?


Most of the time, businesses install video surveillance as a grudge purchase as setting up security systems is crucial, but people don’t enjoy buying it. Well, it is very much understandable as looking for the best possible video surveillance solution can be overwhelming as they have to go through questions like:

What type of camera system should we install?

Will it be appropriate according to the type of the area to be monitored

How complex is the system?

Is it possible to scale up the security system?

And so much more!!!

But with all the talk of security and safety, businesses are rethinking how to look at video surveillance, all thanks to cloud video surveillance. It has made a paradigm shift considering surveillance setups as a grudge purchase to a full-time investment.

This post will explain why this is the perfect time to invest in your business in the cloud video surveillance cloud.

Stepping into the world of True Cloud with Cloud video surveillance

Do you know that 93% of businesses have adopted cloud solutions, and 49% of companies were able to grow their business from the cloud?

Cloud based video surveillance differs significantly from DVR/NVR-based security setups and over-the-internet Video Management solutions.  It is more of an “on-demand self-service” solution.

Why? Because  it has

  • The capability to automatically and update requires less human interaction.
  • The video surveillance cloud gives you broad network access through which you can manage your surveillance with a standard device like a Mobile, tablet, or laptop.
  • Your bandwidth usage can be monitored and diverted according to your need.

Your video processing and management process are performed by the cloud and over the internet, which might have an onsite device to communicate with the cameras and other sensory devices.


What else can they do? What can they do to improve your business?

Remote Access with Cloud Video Surveillance

If we talk about traditional surveillance systems, they are very unpredictable, with choppy poor image quality, and encryption is very rare, which creates a huge privacy concern. Due to this, they do not allow an efficient way to access remotely.

The Cloud video surveillance solution is architected for remote access. Its service-based model gives

  • Complete end-to-end encryption, leaving no chance of creating privacy or security concerns.
  • The video surveillance cloud can be integrated with the current version of most of the customer VMS.
  • Cloud broad networks allow you to monitor all your sites at one VMS platform E surveillance companies provide.

Some may require more complex features like multi-location cameras with footage stored off-site that can be accessed by multiple authorized personnel. Others may only need a more simplistic system that captures footage and alerts. Whatever the goal, cloud surveillance can support it at best.

Cloud Longevity against New Challenges 

Traditional surveillance has a shorter lifespan than cloud-based solutions. This is because conventional surveillance requires a hectic cycle of ripping out and replacing every 4-5 years. This solution becomes outdated even before it is complete in large-scale deployment.

Cloud video surveillance brings no such challenge. Moreover, rapid technological advancement can curate API for analytics and integrations.

  • It’s easy to update, and you can use API platforms for more functionality.
  • There are also advanced analytical capabilities with AI automated search for any trigger.
  • It gives you an easy-to-use dashboard to access your security management.

Furthermore, cloud video surveillance lets you expand your storage, resolution, and retention period without changing or extremely modifying your existing system.

Video surveillance cloud: System Installation & Support 

System Installation: Cloud video surveillance is much easier to set up and deploy especially if you are planning to have or already have multiple locations. It is fully flexible, scalable, and a plug-and-play solution giving you total control of all your sites.

Support: With traditional surveillance, the process is intensive and manual. On the other hand, Video surveillance cloud support work can be done by an offsite provider or your partnered E surveillance company.

No two businesses are the same, so their security needs will also differ. Cloud video surveillance supports the structure of your surveillance management to match the specific needs of your business.

Storage Retention in Cloud video surveillance

Storage retention poses a problem for traditional surveillance systems.  Spending money on these systems often results in high costs as they have limited capacity and cannot accommodate increased resolution or redundancy.

Cloud video surveillance, on the other hand, is much more flexible. You pay for the cloud storage and can expand or decrease it per your requirement without feeling guilty about spending huge bucks on hard drives and setups.

Cloud storage also allows for smooth access through cloud cameras. It can support IP and other POE camera setups. You can adjust the bandwidth requirements per your preferred location or site with support from your partnered E surveillance company.

“Pay As You Go” model of cloud video surveillance

It’s an upfront investment for the company to implement surveillance, including the ongoing support expenses. Your surveillance setup’s payment method also determines how well you can align your goals. You can’t be unsure when and where your surveillance will collapse.

With cloud surveillance, you have a low upfront cost and a predictable monthly operating cost. Cloud surveillance can be accessed monthly or yearly on a “pay as you go” model or subscription. Ultimately, it saves you time and money, which can be a huge concern if you deploy a traditional surveillance setup as hardware prices keep fluctuating.

Ownership Cost of Cloud Surveillance

There are many economic benefits to cloud-based video surveillance systems. One of the most significant advantages is that you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware to protect against failure.

Traditional systems often have high annual maintenance costs associated with router configurations, system backups, and security patching. However, with cloud video surveillance, you can take advantage of economies of scale and shared infrastructure across multiple sites.

This can lead to lower monthly subscription costs and, ultimately, the ownership cost.

To Sum It Up

From gathering security is a big concern for businesses, and with the emergence of cloud technologies and cloud video surveillance solutions, it is becoming more critical. From gathering Intelligence analytics to improving standards, there’s much to be excited about with emerging cloud video. The cloud video surveillance solutions also have several benefits worth investing in for the users.

If you’d like to learn more about how IGZY Cloud video Surveillance can help with your futuristic transformation of security requirements, please reach us here.

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