Nucleus RTOS – a real-time operating system (RTOS)


Nucleus RTOS is a real-time operating system (RTOS) offered by the Embedded Software Division of Mentor Graphics, a Siemens Business, supporting 32 and 64 bit embedded platforms. The Nucleus RTOS is designed for real-time embedded systems for use in medical, industrial, consumer, aerospace, and IoT applications. Nucleus RTOS was first released in 1993. The latest version of Nucleus RTOS is v3.x which includes features such as Power Management, Process Model, 64 bit support, Safety Certification, and support for heterogeneous multicore SOCs.

Nucleus Process Model adds space domain partitioning for task and module isolation on SOCs with either a Memory Management Unit (MMU) or Memory Protection Unit (MPU), such as those based on ARMv7/8 Cortex-A/R/M cores.

The Nucleus RTOS is deployed in over 3 billion devices and provides a highly scalable micro-kernel based real-time operating system designed for scalability and reliability. System reliability can be improved using lightweight memory partitioning support that can function with or without MMU/MPU assisted protection in systems spanning the range of aerospace, industrial, and medical applications. Developers can make full use of multi-core solutions across the spectrum of Microcontroller and Microprocessor SoCs using SMP and AMP configurations to integrate multiple operating systems.

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Key RTOS Features and Benefits

  • Stable deterministic kernel with a small memory footprint (as low as 2 kb)
  • Process model for memory partitioning to increase product reliability with and without MMU
  • Power management APIs for low-power design
  • Connectivity (CAN, I2C, SPI)
  • USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Multicore Support includes xAMP and SMP support with rpmspg over virtIO and MCAPI for inter-process communication
  • File system software for FAT, SAFE and LWEXT.
  • Data and network security
  • Qt Framework: Rich UI development environment integrated with Nucleus RTOS
  • Integrated development tools with Eclipse-Based IDE
  • Extensive architecture support including Arm, MIPS, and Power
  • IoT Protocols –  HTTPS, CoAP, MQTT and 6LowPAN.

Hardware Support

Nucleus supports leading embedded architectures, including:

  • Arm
  • MicroBlaze
  • MIPS

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Honeywell chose Nucleus Real Time OS to develop its critical Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System because of Nucleus’ aviation industry reputation for reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

The Nucleus operating system provided Garmin with the full source code and flexible business model they needed to develop the CNX80 Avionics Navigator system.

ZOLL chose Nucleus to build its AED Plus™ automated external defibrillator, based on previous Nucleus design successes and its ability to reduce costs.

Mentor Embedded IoT Framework with Nucleus RTOS

The Mentor Embedded IoT Framework (MEIF) is a multi-cloud solution that enables secure IoT architectures while reducing complexity and costs associated with device porting, scaling, and backend integration.

Mentor Embedded IoT Framework (MEIF)

MEIF integrates with and extends the functionality of services offered by cloud backend providers. It enables secure cloud connectivity, device management and monitoring, remote software updates, alarm/events, and device remote debug/diagnostic capabilities.

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