Particle Device OS ? (Overview)

particle device os

Particle Device OS is low-level firmware code that supports a Particle device’s basic functions. You can think of Device OS as the operating system (OS) for Particle’s embedded hardware. Like an operating system for a computer, Particle Device OS provides a foundation for other applications to run on. More specifically, it enables application firmware (the firmware you write) to run successfully by exposing the underlying behaviors of the device.

Device OS is a suitable internet of things operating systems to run your embedded device. This easy to use programming framework helps you to write any application and run your microcontroller-based device. It is such a platform where the hardware, software, cloud infrastructure, and connectivity integrated. From the out of the box, you can deliver OTA updates with a quick and safe method. It offers to call a function that tells your device to take any action from a remote place. You can send a message to the devise cloud, retrieve a variable for reading the value of the sensor remotely. The setting up Device OS is very easy so that no custom integration is required to push a remote update. 

 Important Features

Particle Device OS abstracts much of the complexity away from the traditional firmware development experience. Some specific responsibilities of Device OS include:

  • Secure communication: Ensuring that all communications between the device and the Particle cloud are authorized and encrypted
  • Hardware abstraction: Providing a single, unified interface to the device, regardless of the underlying hardware architecture
  • Application enablement: Exposing a feature-rich API that is used by developers to write applications for the device
  • Over-the-air updates: Allowing rapid remote changes to code running on the device while providing resilience in poor connectivity environments

Unlike application firmware, Device OS is written and maintained primarily by the Particle team. This is a conscious decision meant to keep you focused on your particular use case without needing to understand the nuances of low-level device behaviors.

That being said, Particle’s firmware repository is available as an open source project for those that want deep visibility into Device OS code. To view the code and/or contribute, check out the repo on GitHub.

For more Information , Read official Documentation.

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