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Samsung SmartThings ? (Intro)

What is Samsung SmartThings?

SmartThings is An open, programmatic interface for controlling smart devices. The SmartThings platform has the largest coverage of competitive IoT devices on the market, including Samsung devices and appliances. It’s easy to integrate existing products with our ecosystem, using developer features such as SmartThings Schema and open APIs.

You can Access and control devices from the SmartThings app, available on all platforms and installed on more than 200 million Samsung mobile devices and TVs. SmartThings devices can access a unified set of capabilities, an instant mobile UI and Bixby voice control, and intelligent Automations.

The SmartThings ecosystem

The SmartThings ecosystem enables you to build and integrate IoT devices, services, and Automations on SmartThings Cloud.

Use Developer Workspace and our SDKs to build, test, and publish your integrations on the SmartThings catalog. Users can then discover and control your devices using the SmartThings app.

Samsung Smartthings

Samsung SmartThings ecosystem includes the following components:

  • Devices can connect to SmartThings through a third-party cloud or a SmartThings-compatible hub.
  • Automations are WebHook or AWS Lambda functions that allow a user to control their SmartThings ecosystem without manual intervention.
  • The SmartThings app is used to configure and control Automations and IoT devices in the SmartThings catalog.
  • The new Bixby voice assistant adds voice control and management of devices on SmartThings Cloud without requiring additional development.
  • Developer Workspace is a suite of tools designed for adding IoT devices and Automations to SmartThings Cloud.
  • The SmartThings API consists of REST APIs that enable you to integrate, control, and monitor IoT devices and services on SmartThings Cloud.

Development flow

  1. Create a Samsung Account and log into Developer Workspace.
  2. View our SDKs, samples, and tutorials.
  3. Build your Automation or device integration.
  4. Test your integration by using our guidelines and the SmartThings app.
  5. Publish a device integration on the SmartThings catalog.

Visit GitHub page to access SmartThings code samples and SDKs in your favorite programming language.

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