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Piksey Atto: An incredibly tiny, Arduino compatible board with USB!

The Piksey Atto from BitsNBlobs Electronics is a particularly compact developer board, which according to the manufacturer is compatible with the extremely popular Arduino system. Piksey Atto is cost-effective. Specially, This tiny USB dev. board is designed for makers. It can be soldered onto PCBs, used with a breadboard or by itself. Atto is a […]

NanoPi R2S : Raspberry alternative comes with two gigabit ports

NanoPI R2S, a new single-board computer will appear soon. The model can be connected via two Ethernet ports and is based on a SoC from Rockchip. FriendlyARM offers numerous, inexpensive single-board computers, which, depending on the specific application, may compete with the extremely popular Raspberry Pi. With the NanoPi R2S, the manufacturer has now introduced […]

Azure Sphere Now Supports Linux and Windows for Development

When Microsoft first released Azure Sphere (initial beta), the development tools only supported Windows as the development OS. So you could only using a Windows PC to code, deploy, and debug Azure Sphere solutions.  But Recently, Microsoft released Azure Sphere developer tools for Linux and adding support for Linux OS development machines. Now, you can […]

openEuler | Huawei Releases openEuler, A CentOS-Based Linux Distro

Recently Huawei has released the source code of openEuler, a CentOS-based Linux distribution. Enterprise edition of openEuler called EulerOS is already available, and now Huawei has released its community edition. However, as many would expect, the source code of openEuler is not available on Github, it’s published on Gitee, a Chinese Github alternative. When you […]

World’s First LoRa SoC : STMicro STM32WLE5

STMicroelectronics has announced the world’s first LoRa SoC (system-on-chip) for connecting smart devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) using long-distance wireless connections. The STM32WLE5 SoC lets product developers create devices such as remote environmental sensors, meters, trackers, and process controllers that help efficiently manage energy and resources. This is Based on an Arm® Cortex®‐M4 core […]

The New Arduino Portenta H7

Announced today at CES is the Arduino Portenta H7 module. Arduino, the open-source hardware platform, today announced the launch of a new low-code platform and modular hardware system for IoT development. Arduino Portenta H7 Overview Portenta H7 simultaneously runs high level code along with real time tasks. The design includes two processors that can run […]

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