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IoT driven solutions for a wide range of applications 

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a system of interconnected devices or objects using advanced software, sensors and other technological tools to exchange data and information with each other without human intervention. IoT software solutions are used for a wide range of devices right from home appliances to complex industrial machinery.

As per an estimate, there were 11.7 billion IoT connected devices in the year 2021. This figure is projected to reach 30 billion by the year 2030. There is a plethora of applications which utilise IoT software. Let’s have a look at some of the major applications.

Supply chain management

IOT software solutions

for supply chain management has revolutionised the way retailers manage their supply chains. The check in and check out processes are automated and the business owner gets access to real time status of the inventory at all times without human intervention.

The location of the goods can be monitored in real time and automatic notifications alert the business owner about any problem arising during transportation. The shopping experience of the customers is also enhanced.

Automated vehicles

The concept of driverless vehicles has been made possible due to IOT software solutions for vehicles. The IOT software connects a host of devices in the vehicle such as sensors, artificial intelligence enabled cameras and on-board computers. This system of interconnected devices enable the vehicles to be navigated through the roads under any weather condition without the requirement of drivers.

IOT can also integrate the vehicles with smartphones. This enables the owners to remotely control their vehicles and also monitor the various stats of their vehicles such as average speed, maximum speed, distance covered, driving time and more.Any kind of glitch in any part of the vehicle can be easily detected by the IOT software, thereby triggering an alert.

IOT solutions can either be provided directly by the vehicle manufacturers or integrated into the vehicles by third party IOT providers.

Manufacturing processes

IOT software solutions for production-line monitoring are being widely used in factories and production plants. The sensors monitor the process and detect any drop in the production output. Equipment failure is also notified in advance through alerts. As a result, the manufacturers are able to detect even minute issues in the production equipment and carry out swift repairs and preventive maintenance.

IOT benefits the manufacturers by reducing operational costs, improving asset management and enhancing uptime.

Smart homes

Home automation is a popular application for IOT software solutions. Lighting, appliances, security cameras, locks, alarms, AC units, thermostats and other devices can be interconnected by IOT.

The thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature of the house to provide optimal energy efficiency and comfort. All the interconnected devices are managed by a smartphone app. The app is used to manage and monitor all the devices without even being physically present in the house.

Road traffic management

Authorities involved in managing vehicular traffic on roads are increasingly adopting IOT software solutions for traffic management. IOT connected cameras provide real time data about traffic volume which are monitored by the authorities to take quick decisions to prevent traffic jams.

Sensors on traffic lights determine the natural light levels and adjust the brightness of the traffic lights accordingly so that they are clearly visible to the drivers. Dedicated apps are also available which get real time information about vacant parking spaces and traffic jams from the IOT connected devices to alert the drivers.

In a nutshell, IOT solutions for traffic management help in preventing traffic jams and accidents and also make life easier for the drivers.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices are among the major IOT devices in the market. The IOT wearable devices help in health monitoring and management by tracking heart rate, calorie intake, sleep pattern, physical activities and other health parameters. These devices are widely used by fitness enthusiasts to monitor their progress in maintaining fitness.

IOT wearable devices can also help doctors to remotely detect diseases by transmitting vital health data of the patients in real time.


IOT software solutions for agriculture help farmers in increasing the output of their lands through smart farming. For instance, smart sensors placed in the field provides real time data such as soil quality, humidity, temperature and more.

Automated irrigation systems, automated livestock monitoring, automated pest detection and eradication and precision farming are other uses of IOT in agriculture.


IOT is the future. With more and more advancements in IOT, this technology is set to overtake other technological tools and become dominant across sectors.

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