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OS IoT : Simplified development for IoT devices

ATIS Open Source – Internet of Things (OS-IoT) is an open source software library that simplifies the development of IoT devices that connect to an open, interoperable ecosystem.

Many IoT solutions are built as vertical silos which involves duplication of development effort and multiple, incompatible, solutions that perform similar functions like data collection and access control. The global oneM2M standard defines a common, interoperable platform for IoT systems which provides application-independent building blocks that fulfill the core tasks of data collection, management and distribution needed by IoT solutions.


The OS-IoT library provides device-side (i.e. Application Entity in oneM2M terminology) support for fundamental oneM2M defined functions. The OS-IoT library provides support for the oneM2M network and protocol functions allowing application developers to interact with the system over a resource-oriented API. By using the library application developers reduce the effort needed to support IoT devices that hook into the oneM2M ecosystem. Instead of having to deal with networks and protocols application developers are freed to focus on the unique, value-added aspects of their application.

It has been shown to interoperate with open source and open access oneM2M server implementations providing developers with options to deliver complete oneM2M solutions based on open components.


  • oneM2M v2 Compliant : OS-IoT supports oneM2M version 2 compliant Application Entity (AE) capabilities.
  • Simple API : It provides developers with a simple, resource-oriented API to interact with oneM2M ecosystems.
  • Platform Independent : It  is written in C++ to provide a high degree of platform independence and potential to support constrained devices.
  • Open Source : It is Open Source, BSD-licensed, for community and commercial application.
  • Interoperable : It is interoperable with other oneM2M ecosystem components including OM2M, IoTDM, the Chordant Platform and Ocean Mobius



OS-IoT is a dynamic project which is being updated regularly to reflect input from participants and to enrich the projects capabilities. The software currently available is pre-alpha meaning that APIs, capabilities and security aspects are subject to ongoing changes and updates. Currently, changes will be pushed in to the master branch of the repository at any time, without notice.

The latest version of the OS-IoT package can be downloaded by cloning the source repo from Git:

git clone https://atis.codebasehq.com/atis-os-iot/atis-os-iot.git

Once downloaded, refer to the Build and Install page for build instructions.

The package is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License. For details see the files included in the package.

Visit https://os-iot.org/

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