An embedded operating system is a specially designed operation system, which performs specific kinds of tasks in a small segment of memory unit like a Microcontroller/Microprocessor. When we talk about the Embedded OS for IoT, it actually means that an embedded operating system within the IoT devices connects to a network of devices. We have already written an article on it. Please Visit this : But today Today we will talk about a new OS.

What is EmMate OS

EmMate is FreeRTOS based open-source OS which comes under GPLv3 License. It supports multi-architecture and comes with internet protocol stacks to develop micro to small scale IoT applications. EmMate is a platform-independent OS written in C/C++, so developers can develop code with C/C++. Because of its open-source, users can easily modify, review the code and also contribute with his/her idea. EmMate also comes with migCloud, which helps the developers to easily access the cloud service for IoT applications.

The prime objective of the EmMate Framework is to provide an abstraction between an application and the hardware. The EmMate Framework provides a unified interface for application development, code compilation, application deployment and debugging for multiple embedded platforms.

The diagram below provides an overview of the concept of EmMate Framework.

EmMate Block Diagram
EmMate Block Diagram

Current Development

Currently the EmMate Framework supports the following platforms:

  1. ESP32

Currently the EmMate Framework supports the following RTOS:

  1. FreeRTOS

Plans for EmMate Framework Development

The EmMate Framework plans to support the following platforms. More platforms to be added in future:

  1. PIC32 from Microchip
  2. ESP32 from Espressif
  3. nRF51 and nRF52 from Nordic Semiconductor
  4. STM32 from STMicroelectronics
  5. Raspberry Pi

The EmMate Framework plans to support the following RTOS. More OS to be added in future:

  1. FreeRTOS

For more Information Please Visit Official Documentation :

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